Now Open--our new Dancewear Resale Shop in VH Dance Center! 


  • We will purchase used dancewear at 50% of our expected sales price.  Items are priced to sell at approximately 30% of the new, retail price.  For example, a leotard in good condition with a retail price of $35 would probably be priced to sell at $10 (depending on it's condition) so we would offer the seller $5 for it.   

  • Payment in cash, Zelle, or tuition credit.  

  • The Resale Shop is open during regular studio hours:

  • Monday: 4:30 - 9pm

  • Tuesday: 3:30 - 9pm

  • Wednesday: 4:00 - 9

  • Thursday 5:00-7:30pm

  • Friday: 5:00-9pm

  • Saturday: 9:00 - 4:00pm

  • Sunday: Closed

  • Accepted dancewear items include leotards, tops, shorts, sweaters, sweatshirts, dance skirts, dance shoes, and dance bags, in good condition.


Items not accepted: Pointe shoes, toe pads, tights, undergarments, and hair accessories. 


*VH Dance Center reserves the right to decline to purchase items which we have sufficient stock of already, or items that are not in acceptable condition.*



  • Apparel should be in ready-to-wear condition

  • Apparel should be neatly folded or laid flat in a box, bin, bag, or tote

  • Call us ahead of time to find out what our most wanted items are.