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VH Ballet

VH Ballet is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is: 

  • To make dance and the arts readily accessible to all, including the underprivileged, and those with disabilities or special needs;

  • To maintain high artistic standards & quality in presenting performances in the tradition of classical ballet;

  • To encourage collaboration between dance & other artistic disciplines, to promote growth and creativity;

  • To offer a continuous educational program which will focus on providing high quality instruction and guidance to youth and aspiring artists;

  • To develop and expand a program within the Chicagoland area, and the state of Illinois; 

  • To develop a repertoire of classical, romantic, and neoclassical works while continuing the legacy of George Ballanchine, Maria Tallchief, and Kenneth von Heidecke.

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What We Do

V H Ballet is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization whose mission is to help make dance and the arts readily accessible to all. We offer a scholarship program, special needs dance classes, and will offer community outreach programs as COVID restrictions allow.

We believe dance is a gift that should be accessible for everyone. We have seen and experienced the impact that dance can have on an individual’s life.  We do not want hardships to prohibit students from participating in dance classes.

Our scholarships are primarily for those who consider dance to be a priority, yet after making personal sacrifices cannot afford the financial cost. If you believe you (or your family) fit these criteria, we welcome you to submit a scholarship application.  Scholarship applications are accepted year round, and awards granted depend on a number of criteria, including availability of funds.  Please see the scholarship letter and application in the links below for more information. 

Please consider supporting our mission.  Donations of any size are tax deductible, and greatly appreciated!  Your gift will help make it possible for students to study dance who may not otherwise have the opportunity. Contact us for more information, or click 'Donate Now' below. Thank you for your support!

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